Thursday, October 30, 2008


Come join me in ceramic heaven as we take a look at Khphillips Pottery. I love his work. I see it on the front page, he's active in the forums, and each time I take a look at his shop I find more and more things I want to buy. This guy is so good with porcelain I can't stand it. And the glazes! Don't even get me started. Let's just look at photos and write out our "want!" list, shall we?

(Seriously you guys, I don't know if it is Blogger or Etsy or what, but the pictures are posting as HUGE! I apologize. This just started this week and I have no idea what's going on there. So, unfortunately it's a link day.)

Two Porcelain Soup Bowls

Sponge Holder (Perfect for Christmas gifts...)

Two Blue Bowls

There is a ton more where that came from. Check him out and tell me what piece of his is your favorite and post it here!


jessica said...

that is the awesomest sponge holder I've ever seen. great finds, angie!

Ethan said...

I liked the dipping bowl, until I read that the glaze was imperfect. Pish and tosh! :-)