Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Eninaj is an Etsy seller after my own heart. I love anything really ornate and intricate and her jewelry fits the bill. Just look at the earrings in the second picture. So lovely! Her earrings alone make me want to re-pierce my ears.

Silver Sculptured Bracelet

Lace Earrings with Onyx

Silver Buttons and Color Necklace


Debbie Gootter said...

I have seen her work before and just love it- especially the bracelets

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

Those are gorgeous :)

Longfellow said...

This is some very distinctive and unique jewelry design. Thanks for turning me unto it.

Ronalyn said...

Very nice jewelry. The necklace is especially interesting.
My Etsy shops are

Tackyhandmade said...

Oh, I'm lovin' the button necklace..!! Would love to win an interview!

Cherrybombe said...

Oh wow, that necklace is absolutely stunning!! You sure do have good picks, jangie!