Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Featured Seller - Christopher and Tia

Today's lucky winners are Christopher and Tia. Their shop features funky recipe card boxes and cards decked out in hot bold colors. Seriously, it is 6.30 in the morning here and looking at the bright colors trying to decide what to feature is helping me wake up. :) Normally I'm not a fan of recipe boxes (one too many frilly boxes done with plaid or flowers or something too fluffy for my taste), but these have me reconsidering. Check these out!

Handpainted Recipe Box with Matching Cards

Pink and Black Recipe Box with Cards

Cricket Recipe Cards


MaryMarsh said...

Love those recipe boxes! So beautiful!

Cherrybombe said...

Oh wow, those are hella cute! What unique recipe cards & boxes!

ThreadBeaur said...

I like that green recipe box! Nice find.