Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Featured Seller - HoneyBearBeads

Today's featured seller is HoneyBearBeads. She has been making jewelry for 3 years and making lampwork beads since 2007. Her shop features one-of-a-kind lampwork and gemstone beaded bracelets and as well as loose beads. The bracelets are in a variety of colors and I found many attractive pieces that caught my eye. The Summer Painting bracelet is my favorite. She also sells on Ebay and has a regular website HoneyBearBeads LLC.

Amazonite Hand Beaded Sterling Bracelet

Summer Painting Hand Beaded Gemstone Bracelet

Desert Field Lampwork Beads

Want to be just like HoneyBearBeads? All you have to do is comment on a post during the week and your name is entered into a random drawing. If I pick your shop name, you'll get a Friday Featured post too!

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Jennifer Rose said...

she makes beautiful things! :D