Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Request

Oh helpful and loyal readers of my blog: I have a request.

I have to write a paper for an introductory sociology class I am taking. The topic I chose is the effect of do-it-yourself and handmade methods in business. Basically, why is it some people are drawn to doing things themselves and making things versus being drawn to a more "traditional" corporate environment. Ideally I would like a couple interviews with people who use Etsy to sell their handmade items about what drew them to making their items in the first place, if they use Etsy (or other sites) to sell their work full-time or part-time, and if it is part-time, what other job it is that they do? How does making and selling items compare to working in a 9-5 environment? What satisfactions do you get out of making handmade items that you do not get out of working in a 9-5 environment?

While I won't use your name, I will use a description of your background (age, region of the country you live in, etc) as part of my paper. The only people reading this paper are my professor and I, so don't worry about me plastering this all over the internet.

If you are interested let me know through my Etsy shop (just convo me) and I'll send you a list of questions. Anyone who participates in this will get a gift certificate towards my shop as my thanks! :)

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