Monday, March 9, 2009


Ever have that occurrence happen to you where you discover something, and then it seems like everywhere you turn around you keep seeing your new discovery over and over? Yup. That is what happened when I discovered Lockette. I think I found her shop on the front page, and then it seemed like for a while there every couple of days a new item of hers would be on the front page, and I'd think to myself, hey, that looks familiar! Well, now she's getting her products featured on my blog. It's all thanks to her "Why didn't I think of that?" ingenuity, where she brought together fabric and notecards to make fabric notecards! The results are simply cute and creative and fun.

An Apple A Day

Candy Stripe

Red Drops

See what I mean? Now that you've seen this, I bet you'll be seeing Lockette's work a lot more often. Just how the universe seems to work. :)

Leave some love in the comments to kick off this Monday morning. Thanks all!


The Stapelia Company said...

I love that red drops set. So simple and classy.

myminimocs said...

great shop!!!