Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Martin Jon

The second in my 3 Chicago Etsy artists lineup this week, Martin Jon has a style all his own. I first met him in Etsy chat, and he is one interesting guy. For starters, every piece in his shop is inspired by a letter of the alphabet. Outside of Etsy, he is in the middle of an ambitious project where he is going to paint/draw 1,000 portraits. He is in the middle, around 500 last I checked. If you read his profile page on Etsy you can learn more about his projects and how he views the world. Worth a visit.




Take a moment and visit his shop to see more of his alphabet series and let me know what you think. He is new to Etsy so let's support a new Etsy artist!

1 comment:

myminimocs said...

all wonderful - but the piano got me at first glance!!!! great find thanks for sharing!