Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Every so often (when I am bored and have a little free time), I utilize Etsy's Pounce feature and just bop around with the different results that come up. Out of curiosity the other week I decided to try the "undiscovered shop" feature in Pounce, and that is how I came across RavenGlassGirl. She just set up shop in January and hasn't had a sale yet. I really like her work and thought she could use some exposure. What do you think?

Rainbows of Colors

Beveled Glass With Beads

Rose and Peridot Suncatcher

Nice right? I really like the colors and the craftsmanship. Why don't you bring a little color into your life, stop by her shop, and tell me which one would brighten up your house the most.


purplecat said...

I think its beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Angie!!!
How cool of you to post my work! What a sweet woman you are. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I'm just getting my site going.It took me a month to get anything posted and now I think I'm getting the hang of it and look forward to Etsy being a successful outlet for me.
I have a warm sunny feeling to my core because of your kind gesture!
YOU ROCK!!! ,nancy

myminimocs said...

absolutely lovely - ishe has a wonderful sense of simplicity & design! new favorite for sure!!!