Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Campana Ceramics

I'm so excited!

It's everyone's lucky day here on Handmade By Angie because today is another ceramic post brought to you by another Jeff, of Campana Ceramics! All of my loyal readers know how much I love ceramics. Everyone also knows how much I love well-done ceramics with curves that are just-so, have stunning glazes and beautiful form. I'll quit drooling on myself with art terms and just get on to the good stuff. Two words: free shipping.

That's right. Free shipping. Check these out.

Green Curve Pitcher

Small Blue Stripe Yunomi With Chocolate Brown

Large Flower Vase in Green and Lavender

So, I'm sure by now you can understand why I'm so giddy about these pieces. Go check out Jeff's shop and tell me which one you like best in the comments section.


Linda said...

As someone with my MFA in ceramics I can honestly say this work is some of the best I have seen in years. It is fresh and beautiful. Makes me miss clay even more than I already did.

I love this lidded pot. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20547868


myminimocs said...

just lovely!!!

Elizabear said...

Those pieces are amazing!

KellysGifts said...

I love the ceramics, very beautiful work! www.kellysgifts.etsy.com

FashionTouch said...

This is just so beautiful! So delicate and elegant! Amazing. Should be shown in some museum or gallery!

Elena from

Schaufenster said...

This work is gorgeous! I'll have to stop by their shop as my sister is having her birthday soon!