Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plants and Animals

I was bouncing along in Pounce and came across these lovely owl plushies in Plants and Animals' shop. I wish I'd found these a few weeks earlier as a dear friend is expecting her second child, whose in-utero nickname is Owl. Still, these plushes are great for any age. There are other items in store including prints and drawings. The colors are relaxing and I really like how different fabrics and patterns are layered together.

Pasco The Owl

Spring Chicken Print

Pistachio The Sleepy Owl

Aw, I just want to squish one right now! So cute! Check out the brood of owls (and their inventive names) at her shop and tell me which one you'd like to hug.


Kelly said...

Very Cute!

Anonymous said...

The green owl is adorable :)

cabin + cub said...

ooh i love owls.. and the plushier the better! those are so cute!!!

californiablue said...

These are absolutely adorable and her descriptions are truly inspired!