Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ambrosia and Bliss

This week has been full of stress because it is the beginning of school! Parents, children, college students and teachers all know this time well. As for myself (and my missing post, sorry), I need a stress ball. So I turned to Etsy and found Ambrosia and Bliss out of Wisconsin. She makes stress balls filled not with goo, but calming herbs and scents. Plus, she also offers yarn to use for your own projects while you de-stress. Bonus!

Crabapple Yarn - Suffolk/Hampshire

Serenity Sax - Neopolitan

Serenity Sax - Pacifica

Please stop by her shop and check it out. Any purchase you make will help benefit charity. And how sweet is it to de-stress while you've done a nice thing?

See you tomorrow!


Justine said...

Such beautiful stuff. I love the idea of de-stressing with scents better than those squeezing balls.


cindi said...

what a great idea! thanks for the share - and quite nice of you to feature her! :)

RhiannonSTR said...

Very pretty - I love the colors!

JLR Designs said...

So pretty!!! I love yarn and what can be created with it!