Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fabric Farm


The shop title says The Fabric Farm. Get it? Farm? Moo? Ah well, baa then.

I was passing through Pounce and was taken by this bright fantastic fabric swatch (first one below). I know there are quite a few fabric stores to choose from, but these fabrics have quite a punch. Shazam! Look at these:

Small Gathering

Centerpiece in Turquoise

Festival in Tangerine

In case you're wondering, the line of fabric is from the Anna Maria Fabric collection. There is a ton more in shop, but I just have never seen Anna Maria fabric before and felt it needed its own feature. Feel free to post what your favorite fabric swatch from The Fabric Farm is, Anna Maria or otherwise.


Kristin Dennison said...

Thank you so much for the great blog!! You can probably tell from my shop that I am a HUGE Anna Maria Horner fan also. There's always more on the way so keep checking back :)


californiablue said...

What gorgeous fabrics! The colors are so cheerful and vibrant :)

Lady Steel said...

Wow I like that turquoise! Great find and cool blog.