Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nightmares and New Listings

If you ever wonder what I do during the day, I teach ceramics part time at a local arts center. The camps I teach run 2 weeks a session, and in that time I have to cram a lot of work into the kiln and make sure everything gets out on a somewhat timely basis. For those of you unfamiliar with the ceramic process, the kiln is like a bigger, badder oven. Instead of baking sweet potato fries at 350 degrees for a half hour with about a 20 minute cooldown back to room temperature, a kiln fires up to 1870 degrees and takes a few days to cool down to room temperature. Enter my nightmare.

I was drifting off to sleep last night reviewing my day when I realized oh crap. The kiln. You see, for some ungodly reason my brain decided today was Friday, the last day of the current session and the day the kids glaze their work to go back into the kiln. The kiln wasn't quite done yet Wednesday and I quickly did math in my head and realized my kids wouldn't have anything to glaze. The horror.

And then my brain realized today is Thursday. Duh. Brain, why have you forsaken me?

Speaking of ceramic art, I've decided to go through my inventory and post some more older work to get some room for the NEW work I have going on in the studio! Ovenware, mugs, tumblers, yay!

Look for these items (and more crocheted items like scarves and dishcloths) to go up this afternoon. While you're here, scroll down to the next post and check out the seller I featured today.


cabin + cub said...

Your ceramics are lovely! Hopefully the kiln thing works out! ;)

Celtic Cat said...

You have a lovely blog!