Monday, December 15, 2008

Helvetica Neue

I love the dreamy quality of Helvetica Neue's shop. Her work combines intriguing photographic subjects, collage, color treatments and imaginative composition to make images that are unlike anything else on Etsy. Many of her images make me start daydreaming in a good way. Let's look at some of these prints:




Feel like you're in a dream yet? What image is your favorite? Leave some love below.


helveticaneue said...

Thank you so much for the really kind words!! A really nicely picked selection too :)



beicreations said...

Wow, I love the hand in front of the trees - can't quite figure out if there is a window involved, but the colors are fabulous!

Southern Belle said...

The blue photo is beautiful

Livecreations said...

great photos, like the earrings above also

Heather said...

Atrium is like a fantastical dream! Lovely!