Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Featured Seller - Melt Brianna

TGIF! Time for another Friday Featured Seller post brought to you by ...

Melt Brianna!


MeltBrianna's shop specializes in recycling different things into new one-of-a-kind items. She wholeheartedly embraces Etsy's philosophy of handmade. You'll never know what you'll find next in her shop but here are three selections of what you can find now:

Happy Sag Bag

Bike Legs Are Sexy T-Shirt

A Chest Full of Bicycles T-Shirt

What's your fave? I like the bicycles t-shirt myself, but tell me what you think in the comments section. Everyone's comments made this week awesome!


beicreations said...

This is really sweet! The embroidery sets off the dainty look of the shirt. Great pick!

SleightGirl said...

Oh yes! Bike legs are sexy!!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Cute those pintucks.

adele hartlep said...

bike legs are husband has a pair of them..hehe

Natasha said...

I'm so diggin that bag...I want to take throw my bike Tee in it, hop on my bike and riiiideeee...ok so need a can dream right?