Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I suppose it is fitting on Christmas Eve to keep up the theme of giving thanks, as my blog posts this week seem to feature Etsy sellers who have either helped me out immensely when I first began selling in July with advice, commiseration, bought or sold items with me, and of course been chat buddies. Crafterall is no exception this week. She has been a great sounding board to help perfect my shop in little ways as I learn what end is up around here. I'm sure you're familiar with her work. She is on the front page almost every couple of weeks it seems. I've lost count how many treasuries her work must be in. Her work is amazing though, as evidenced by the (only!) 3 items I put here.

Evergreen Star Book

White Topo Cards

Chestnut Street Paper Cutting

So...what is your favorite? Tell me which ones ( are your favorite in the comments section.

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M. B. Karger said...

Hi Angie!

You are so sweet to mention my work. Thank you for all your kind words. It's been a pleasure helping you and I have a hunch I'll be coming to you in the not-so-distant future to ask for your advice!

Keep on rockin'!

-Marnie a.k.a. Crafterall