Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ever wish you could catch a butterfly? Athenianaire does, and what wonderful art she creates with them. She explains it better than I could, saying:

"I use real butterfly wings and butterflies to create these pieces and make a 5% donation to conservation international from every sale. The butterflies used to create these pieces are bred on farms all over the world. The specimens are exported in a preserved manner to generate some of the financial resources required to maintain and protect conserved land. Not all of the butterflies bred on these farms are sold as specimens. Many are released into the wild to mate and maintain healthy species populations. While the perfect specimens are used to create whole specimen artwork, there are many specimens that are imperfect or damaged, these damaged specimens I purchase to create the winged art for conservation."

You'll find boxes, collage and even ornaments in her shop. If you read her profile you'll learn she is well versed in many scientific subjects and her passion for nature and especially insects shines through.

Below are 3 of my favorite boxes from her shop:

What's your favorite? Tell me in the comments section. :)

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