Monday, December 22, 2008


Bethtastic is fantastic. If you spend any amount of time in Etsy chat you'll find her in one of the rooms. She makes jewelry out of resin, photographic images and beads and turns each piece into a one-of-a-kind statement. I've done business with her and I can vouch for her friendliness as a fellow Etsy seller. :) Her inventory keeps changing (by being bought!), so here's a small sampling of what is currently in store:

Chicago Skyline Resin Pendant

Cherry Blossom Pendant

Grey Goose Necklace

What's your favorite? Leave some love below:


Natasha said...

GORGEOUS! Seriously gorgeous! I LOVE that Chicago Skyline Resin pendant .....I'm going to her shop this morning...thank you for sharing this with us!

beth said...

EEK! Thanks for bloggin' about me, dear. Just when I thought the whole world was sucking my into a crap vortex...I find this. You are the best and I love my warm hat.