Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wacky Wood Works

I saw one of Wacky Wood Works' mugs on the front page of Etsy the other day, and I was really impressed by the detail and design. The seller is really knowledgeable about process and the different types of wood he uses and how to care for your finished product. I'd recommend reading his profile page as that is as fascinating as looking at the mugs!

Brew Pub Mug (from the front page)

Pencil Holder/Tumbler

Children's Mug

How fun are these? Tell me what you think in the comments section.


Paula J said...

I think that these mugs are fantastic! I never thought that you could make a mug out of wood but now I know differently!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! I enjoyed the profile page also. I was wondering how they were finished.

Tourmaline2777 said...

I really like that pencil holder/tumbler