Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rachel T. Robertson

I found today's pick by browsing through the gift guides, specifically gardening. Lo and behold, I found Rachel Robertson's work. Rachel, based out of San Francisco, creates work out of paper, watercolor, ink, pen, acrylic, etc. to make interesting collages with nature based themes. Her work is very contemplative.

Winter Landscape


Tiny Series - Leaves

Stop by her shop to view more and check out her website and blog. Don't forget to leave a comment here!


Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful creations here.

I found your blog on etsy.

You can find me on etsy

and my blog:

SleightGirl said...

Very cool! I think the leaf one is my favorite.

myminimocs said...

love this work - wonderful find!!!

AlyGatr said...

I love watercolor. Her work is goregeous!

JoMo said...

She does beautiful work. I find her color schemes very soothing. Great selections.

Teresa said...

Those are lovely! Very cool feature! :)

rachel said...

thanks so much for the lovely posting! -rachel