Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Featured Seller - PeaceofPi

Happy Friday everyone! The birds are singing, the rain is hopefully staying away, and it looks to be an otherwise great day. I'm sure it's going to be a great day for PeaceofPi as she is today's Featured Seller! Yay! I noticed a common theme in her work: birds, text, other animals, nature. All of these forces combine to create practical yet charming gifts you can give or keep to use in your home. Check these out.

Amber Bird - 4 Art Cards with Envelopes

On a Limb Notebook

4 Beagle Notecards

Fun, colorful and whimsical all in one shop. To see more, stop by and have a look. And if you want to be a featured seller just like PeaceofPi, don't forget to leave a comment below for next week. Have a great weekend!


JoMo said...

Oh! Wow, what a nice post. Thank you so much :) I'm honored to be featured. It's so true that my continuing themes are birds, animals & nature, always with a healthy dose of text. Thanks again for a great blog with fresh finds!

myminimocs said...

fantastic! love this shop!!!!

katy said...

oohh- i love that amber bird!