Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was surfing through Pounce again when I came across DoubleThinkUK, a brand new shop set up by an art student based in Glasgow. She says she specializes in presenting her work in new and unusual ways, and she's definitely on to something: printing on to pillows. Each image is a limited edition of 100, so once they're gone, they're gone! However, this means there will always be something new and worth checking out over the coming months.

Dear Green Place


Have a look and check out her shop. Be sure to leave a comment!


Christie Cottage said...

Great items. I love looking through Pounce. Sometimes that's the only place to see new shop's items!

Audrey said...

Awesome pillows!! I love the bottom one.
I've been pouncing lately looking for shops to feature on fridays! It's great fun.

myminimocs said...

very original - very cool!!!

JoMo said...

Her pillows are gorgeous. Thanks for the find, I hope her shop does well :)