Thursday, July 30, 2009


I was bouncing through Pounce today and came across Quecraft. Her shop is based out of Saigon and she sells interesting hair clips and sticks. I've never gotten my hair to stay with hair sticks (I have ultra fine hair so there you go) so I've admired those who can put their hair up in a bun and keep it there without a ponytail elastic.

Fan Hair Stick

Butterfly Hair Stick

Butterfly Clip

I like the last one the best. Nice shapes. I like the organic flow. What do you like? Leave a comment below. Tomorrow is Friday Featured Seller so make sure to comment if you want a chance at being featured!


Christie Cottage said...

Cool hairsticks

Audrey said...

What an amazing shop!! I love to pounce - find the most amazing items and shops.

Fatally Cute said...

Beautiful hairsticks!

First Light Glass said...

My favorite is the design on the last butterfly stick - beautiful!