Thursday, July 23, 2009


Apparently Gingersnappz got her start selling nursing covers to the masses, but that is not what drew me to her shop. I need hairbands. Oh, do I ever. You see, teaching a bunch of little kids to play in clay while trying to keep the hair out of your face equals clay in your hair. It's stylish. Even when you're running errands after class and are unaware of this fact.

So. Hairbands. Necessity.

Why I love Ginger's is because of her fabric choices. They coordinate well and I can see them going with a variety of outfits. I thought about trying to make my own but you know what, I'm going to support Etsy instead. Which is why I write about them here.

Here are my top three:

Berry Dots and Pink Wallflower

City Girl and Green Tree Peony

Tree Peony Lotus and Rainbow Sherbet

I love the bright colors. I'm hearting this for future use when I get my next paycheck. Tell me what your favorite is in the comments below. I pick the Friday Featured Seller tomorrow and you don't want to miss out!

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Cristin said...

CUTE headbands! I so need to find one... my hair it out of control! ;-)