Monday, July 20, 2009


Some of you (unless you live Down Under and are currently in winter) may view me as crazy for salivating over warm capelets and fuzzy shrugs but I love them. Even in summer I love looking at them. When the weather starts to cool - beyond the out of season cooler July temperatures we've been having - that is the one thing I'm looking forward to. Scarf season! I've got scarves and scarflettes down, but what I really admire are capelets, shrugs and other fun things you can wear. Berniolie creates these lovely items in her shop and also sells the PDF in her other shop so you can give it a go. Now that's talent!

Seaweed and Blue Sky Stole

Black Lace Mohair Shrug

Fuzzy Peach Capelet

Mmmm, don't you want to just wrap up in one? There are so many others where that came from, so check out her shop to see more. It's not too early to get on the Friday Featured Seller train, so drop a comment too!


KeriAnne said...

I like the black mohair shrug. It's so pretty. I have a shrug to try on my list for my daughter.


Shana said...

I love the black mohair shrug too! Really caught my eye!

innercontent said...

I love your work, and your descriptions are really catchy! (The blue one is my favourite.)

Audrey said...

Those are really lovely - the top one is amazing! Not sure how warm they would keep me when it gets down to -40. But they are wonderful to look at.