Monday, April 20, 2009


Ever feel like now that you're an adult you'd like to go back to being a kid? Where the hardest thing you had to do at the moment was master bike riding or learn about multiplication? Yeah. Life would be so much simpler at the moment if all I had to do was take a multiplication test. So, in the spirit of slogging through the semester, I'm regressing to being a kid again. And that means one thing.


Dancing Kat Designs makes these fabulous fabric roll-up crayon holder devices, but I think they'd be appropriate for adults too. Y'know, if you didn't use the crayons (at least in public). Or maybe I have no shame. I'd totally use one of those. She also makes great bibs, blankies and other things for adults, like coin purses and wristlets.

2-D Zoo Blue

First Numbers

Flower Power Coin Purse

I'm off to grab a juice box and some crackers and hang out at the kids' table. Check out her shop for all her other goodies, come back here and leave a comment.


Bejeweled said...

Found a mention of your blog over at the Etsy forums and popped on over :)

Those crayons rolls are super, super cute! Love the cute, colorful fabrics she picks for them!

myminimocs said...

i can totally relate and i want one of those fancy crayon holders too!

Crystal said...

Love them! My crayon box is perpetually a tangle, and digging in it means bits of colored wax under my nails, and dents in my crayons. Boo!