Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elijah Aller

I want to say that this is my first Etsy glass artist on this blog. What an honor then, to feature Elijah Aller. His shop is filled with awesome handmade and handblown glass items. He has ornaments, cocktail glasses, jewelry, and much more. He even had wine glasses (that I oh so coveted) and a beautiful sun catcher/essential oil holder that was lovely. Check out his sales page for more that he does. He is truly very talented and I'm glad to see he is on Etsy.

Red Beads

Hand-Blown Martini Glass



Kerstin said...

love the red beads and the martini glass! thanks for sharing :)

Contrariwise said...

Very impressive. Glasswork is an amazing talent - plus it seems like fun!