Monday, September 29, 2008

Patapri and Ilovepinkdots

It's a two for one special today on this gloomy Monday. The weather wasn't always like this Saturday when I met these two sellers at an art walk in downtown Chicago. Beautiful weather and beautiful work, who could ask for more?

The first seller I met was Yuko from Patapri. She screen prints her modern, geometric and colorful designs onto pillows, dishtowels and cards. I bought two of her cards over the weekend. They're as pretty in real life as they are in the picture. Just take a look at some of this goodness:

Spring Tree Card

Blue Fish Dishtowel

Pillow Covers

The second seller I met was Tiffany from ilovepinkdots. Her studio was right around the corner and it was interesting to see two different artists putting on their own style and spin with the same media.

Brown bird/pink dots teatowel

Brown skateboard on yellow teatowel

Turntable teatowel

Both of these sellers have impeccable craftsmanship and are super friendly to talk to. I always encourage to buy handmade but if you're in the area, I highly recommend to shop local and support these two wonderful shops.


S T E P P I E said...

Wow! Those are some awesomely awesome fabrics! :)

Yuko said...

hello angie,
thank you for stopping by my place.
it was great to see another etsy seller. :)


jessica said...

beautiful fabrics! great feature!
-- flashframe