Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I think I found Joom from browsing around some Storque articles. Or maybe I saw a picture in the Recently Updated List on the front page of Etsy. Either way, I immediately noticed the bold colors and clean designs of her work. Turns out everyone else has too! If you visit her profile you can see the many places her work has been featured, including a spot on the Rachael Ray Show! Check these out and you'll see why:

Yellow Hummingbird with Eucalyptus Rectangle Pillow

Framed Orange Birdie Print

Love Birdies Card

I still haven't made up my mind what to get, there is so much good stuff.


Cherrybombe said...

I've had her in my favorites list forever!! Love her work! Good pick.

Devin said...

Those are awesoem items.i love all them.I would be having a hard time to.Your blog loves amazing as so does you cards on etsy.Great work i added you to my Awesoem blgos to read list:0)