Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Golden

Going through my favorites on Etsy is like a trip down memory lane. I remember where I was sitting when I found this shop, and right then and there I wanted to buy about 10 things. John Golden's shop is amazing. The amount of work he has to offer is monumental. 400 items! Everything from town signs to robots to birds to scooters and whimsical animal prints, there is something for everyone. I'm really glad to see that there are digital artists on Etsy. His work is both unique yet familiar with the subject matter he chooses. I love the vintage retro feeling he imparts in his work. You'll see what I mean with these images.

Vespa 8x10 inch Print

Tin Toy Robot Print

Bird Collages, Set of 4, 3x3 inches

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Justin said...

Love the vespa and robot prints