Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Craft Show

Last weekend I had a chance to participate in a local craft show at a dance studio. This is my first real time craft show where the general public could look at my work upclose. Pretty cool!

Needless to say, I did better than I ever thought possible. I know I've been slow on the uptake to update my Etsy site (something I'm going to work on this week now that I'm on break) but I was working up a storm in prep for this show and my work paid off. I sold something like 4-5 scarflettes, a children's scarf, 2 adult scarves, and 2 ceramic pieces. Yay!

I took a photo for posterity at the beginning of the show. I should've taken an after.


Victoria said...

Cool! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your experience - I'm starting to prepare for my first craft show too... at a bar!! I'm a little nervous, so I'm always reassured to read about other peoples' successes.

Angie said...

A bar? Sweet! All you need is a drink to soothe your nerves. :)