Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wow. September 1st. Can someone explain to me how that happened?
Usually I welcome the beginning of fall as a relief of the ridiculously hot humid weather of August. I feel that my summer was really short so I'm surprised to see that we're entering the last quarter of the year so soon. Time to embrace it. Think of all the cute sweaters to wear, the hot chocolate or mulled cider to drink, and of course, autumn leaves to admire. Talk about a fleeting thing, autumn leaves are so pretty yet so transitory. Unless you have a shop like Flores Del Sol, where you can preserve the beauty of autumn leaves and flowers for months to come. All of you Etsy newbies, come look at her photography. I love how the bursts of color contrast against the sleek white backgrounds. What a way to command attention!

Harvest Oak

Woodland Moss

Harvest Centerpiece

I love the combination of the white milk glass (a personal favorite) and the bright color. How stunning. Check out the rest of her shop, you won't be disappointed.

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cindy said...

nice pics... my favorite is the woodland moss!